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Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Today we begin a new series on the Supremacy of Christ, from the book of Hebrews. As we face trials and hard times in life, we often struggle to hold on to our faith. The book of Hebrews provides us with real encouragement for our faith in the real Christ Jesus.
Sunday 07 Jun 2020
This week we complete our study of the 10 Commandments, remembering it is not about rules and regulations but about relationships. It is about God's holy family learning to live holy lives as a way of worshipping God.
Sunday 31 May 2020
Today we look at the 4th of the Ten Commandments. We discover that today, our rest is found not in obedience to the command but in its fulfilment in Christ.
Sunday 24 May 2020
As we look at the first three of the 10 Commandments, we see a holy God who deserves holy worship from holy worshipers.
Sunday 17 May 2020
What is the purpose of the 10 Commandments? Do they still have relevance for us today?
Sunday 10 May 2020
As the LORD introduces His covenant law He reminds the people of His redemptive grace and power.
Sunday 03 May 2020
A rock solid faith.
Sunday 26 Apr 2020
The Israelites are carried on Eagles Wings by the Lord after leaving Egypt.
Sunday 19 Apr 2020
We are strangers in this world.
Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Resurrection Sunday 2020 - What does Jesus' resurrection mean?
Friday 10 Apr 2020
Looking at what the death of Jesus meant to those who were there.
Friday 10 Apr 2020
Song to listen to between message and Communion.
Friday 10 Apr 2020
Sharing the Lord's supper together whilst in isolation.
Sunday 05 Apr 2020
We need not fear anything, for Christ has delivered us from our enemies.
Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Jesus Christ is our Rock who provides us with ‘living water.’
Sunday 22 Mar 2020
God gives us enough grace for each day, never any more nor less than we need.